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Over the quieter months, I am hoping to do a series of blogs that hopefully tell you a little more about the person you’ll be spending most of your wedding day with!  Scary isn’t it, but chances are I’ll be one of the first suppliers to arrive, and one of the last to leave (lucky you!)

Often the first topic that’s brought up on the morning of a wedding day is family.  I’m blessed with 4 wonderful children, Imogen (7), Elliott (4), Amelie (3) and Arlo (8months) and have been happily married to Sam for the past 5 years.

It’s often a look of confusion when I tell people I have 4 children, it gets all sorts of comments and questions! It’s certainly an ice breaker! It’s questioned how we have time for everything, a full time business and 4 full time children.  Christian Michael and the children are all we’ve ever known, Imogen was born when Sam was 21 and having set up the business several years earlier, this is life for us – not bad really! We’re really lucky that our common hobby of photography has turned into a successful business and our full time careers.

Being based at the far point of Cornwall does have is advantages when it comes to bringing up children.  Just a stone throw away from our house we are blessed with several woods, various golden sand beaches, and fields upon fields to explore.   Last Saturday we had a rare Saturday off so took our little compact Canon M3 and 22mm to the Friendship Woods just up the road and went for a wonder.

Elliott immediately set it to be his mission that day would be the day we would find some fairies – and we came close when we found a toadstool ring, no fairies though.  Imogen and Amelie are slightly more adventurous and were climbing the tress and jumping over logs, Arlo shared none of his older siblings enthusiasm and slept up until the point we thought it would be nice to get a photo of the 4 of them together…..give me 100+ drunk guests at a wedding over our 4 children!!!!

As the famous saying says “The days are long but the years are short”, meaning, saviour every moment.  They’re not perfect, but neither are we.  We’re pretty proud of these 4, and watching them grow and develop into the happy little humans they are is the best job there is.  They have their quirks, but that’s what makes them unique.  Elliott’s love of fairies, Imogen’s love of daydreaming, Amelie’s love of adventure, and Arlo’s love of….. bananas.

Here are a few of those precious moments we shared at the woods last week.


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