Jude and Jules’ Wedding at Amélies, Porthleven




I challenge you to look through this collection of previews, and not feel the love and kindness that radiate from both Jude and Jules’ hearts.  They are simply just LOVELY! From the moment they rocked up at our home after hearing about our work from Sam at Amélies to the last email we’ve received from them, they have been so down to earth and just brilliant!

Amelie’s is a venue that holds dear to me, when my wife and I first got together, we moved to the little fishing village of Porthleven, during this time we noticed a new restaurant open on the harbour, we ate there regularly, and got to know and love the staff and customers.  We’ve had the pleasure of photographing their commercial work, staging photoshoots for their wedding brochure, and been invited along to their exclusive events – our favourite being in 2014 when they had the BBC in filming with Alex Polizzi for “Chefs on Trial”, they invited Sam and I along to the final to help judge our favourite chef (I can confirm, the Sam and I are most certainly better behind the camera and not infront! #awkward).  Amélies have been kind to us, and have had our work published in publications such as high profile tabloids, such as The Times.

Back to Jude and Jules….

It was easy to see why Jude and Jules’ chose each other, they are soul mates.  They share a brilliant sense of humour, and the ability to make a room full of people smile from their kind hearted ways.

Just take a look for yourself.


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