Our Top Tips for Brides and Grooms


Whether you choose to book with us or not (although we really hope you do!), your wedding photography is about investment. ?After your flowers have wilted, the champagne drank, the food enjoyed, the one remaining memory is your wedding photographs – this is the product that will help you relive your memories in years to come, the products that you show your children and even your grandchildren.

We average on documenting days of over 70 couples a year, and this blog is dedicated to sharing our top tips with you.



Don’t worry about what you can’t control. ?The weather will be what it will be, a great photographer will embrace all elements and still ensure you are left with some stunning images. ?Try not to stress over the schedule you’ve lovingly spent months worrying about,?keep an open mind and trust in your suppliers to help the day run smoothly. ?After all, if you spend so much time worrying over the little things you’ll never be able to enjoy the magic and spontaneity that comes so beautifully with a wedding day.



Allow your photographer to ride with you – these moments of peace and tranquility in-between each section of the day allows for some breathtaking moments you will barely be aware are taking place.



Dependant on your wedding, let your photographer guide you as to when these are best. ?We think it’s best to start with an “everyone” shot. ?Allowing those members of the wedding congregation whom are not included in additional shots to ?move away, creating a more intimate atmosphere for those smaller groups. ?We would usually suggest doing these shots before you sit down for your meal, the later on in the day you leave these shots the more likely you are to have a few key people missing. ?Although we are good at crowd management, we couldn’t pride ourselves on this after your guests have had a few drinks!



When you book your Church, please please please do ask whether they allow photography, or whether there are any restrictions. ?We are happy to work with any set up, but for your own peace of mind it’s always good to check this before hand. ?It also allows us to schedule in a visit with the Vicar (where possible) to reassure them that we are very unobtrusive.



Your wedding photographs are one of the only remaining things that you we have to treasure your memories in years to come. ?We’ve noticed recently a lot of photographers finishing off their images with an Instagram?effect filter, personally we think this is something that will date incredibly quickly. ?You spend so long choosing your colour scheme, your flowers, your dress etc, think long term how you want to remember these by. ?For us, we spend a lot of time ensuring the colour on each and every image is perfect, so when you look back in years to come they bring those memories back in it’s true form.



Whether it’s a surprise fireworks display, something special in the speeches, a choreographed first dance, singing waiters – let us know! If it’s a surprise from your partner, send us a secret email – we’re good at keeping secrets! ?This allows us to be ahead of the game and in the best position and with using the right lenses.



A very welcome trend in the world of weddings! Picture a ceremony lit with candles, fairy lights, elegantly placed flowers – and the glow of 30 iPhones. ?You’ve invited your guests to witness what is the most important day of your lives as husband and wife, surely you want them to enjoy it as apposed to witnessing it through a tiny screen? ?Have an unplugged ceremony! You’ve hired a professional photographer after all!?We’re not saying for guests not to take photos at all during the day – that would be absurd! A great wedding photographer will have experience when it comes to guest photography and always ensures guests have the chance to capture their own images.


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