Emma and Paul at The Great Barn, Devon

4th March 2017

My goodness, this wedding!!!

Just a few weeks before, their original venue disappeared into thin air, taking all their money with them!  Poor Emma and Paul had to reorganise their entire wedding day in just a matter of days – every couples worst nightmare surely?

This is where I adore the South West wedding industry… Some of the top and finest suppliers got together and worked together to ensure these two super people could have the best possible day. At this point, I must say a big thank you to the following for pulling together and creating such an amazing wedding.

The Great Barn // Philip Taylor-Corps // Edible Essence // The Distinguished Toastmaster // The Dartmoor Kitchen //

Here are some previews from their wedding day…  The wonderful Pasties and Petticoats will be featuring this wedding shortly, so keep an eye out for all the gossip and information from Emma and Paul over on their blog.

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