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We can't promise we can answer every single question you may have on this page, but we've included some of our most popular asked questions.

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And Answers




Will you make me pose?

Will we meet with you before the wedding?

No! I hate posing too! I want your photos to be as natural as possible and I aim to blend into your day as a guest, you’ll barely notice me. I do think it’s important to have around 10-15 minutes to capture some portraits of you both at some point in the day, but these are kept incredibly light and fun.  This is something as simple as us going for a walk around your venue, or a nearby location, you’ll be so caught up in the magic of just getting married you won’t need me to tell you what to do – although, I make no promises for getting over excited about a nice patch of light I’ve found around the corner.

Of course, if you wanted a few more traditional formal photographs of small groups, these can also be arranged, but I would recommend no more than 6 group set ups.

This is by no means essential, we very rarely have the pleasure of meeting people before the wedding. Cornwall can be seen as a destination venue for some therefore it would be impossible to meet everybody before hand.

Usually a month of so before your wedding day, I’ll be in contact with a small and informal questionnaire, this gives me the basic knowledge of your wedding day, I then look to arrange a Skype session shortly after this and if necessary a phone call several days before the big day!



Do you work on your own?

Are you insured? What if something goes wrong?

I prefer to photograph a wedding by myself, especially with guest numbers below 150. I can even cover both bride and grooms preparations successfully when logistically possible.  I do have access to second photographers for the larger weddings, and only hire experienced and professional photographers.

Please enquire for further details.

Yes. I am fully insured. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to £2 million.

I also have back up equipment for every eventuality to make sure that no moment is missed.