Somethings need to be said.

21st March 2020

As you know, we’re doing everything we can to make sure we are supporting our lovely couples, whilst trying to keep our business going and seeing our way through this situation as a family.

We’ve already postponed 9 weddings for April and May, and a few for June and July. This is new territory for us, and it has meant us cancelling things in our diary which we had planned personally to make room for the new dates, it also has had a big financial impact on us for the foreseeable future. On a whole, none of this really matters, as everybody is in the same situation and in a few months, we hope this will be a distant memory. 

For weddings that haven’t been postponed, we are reaching a point where we, as a members of society and as parents, our hearts are breaking.

Covid-19 feels much bigger than us now, and despite the difficulties it will put us all in, we genuinely feel that right now, weddings shouldn’t be happening.

Each day the death toll is rising, and more and more people are getting sick. 

A wedding is a bar, a restaurant and a nightclub all under one roof, and one that is open to all ages. A wedding should be about celebration, giving your granny a big kiss hello and hugging your loved ones. A wedding shouldn’t be about having close relatives in self isolation, standing 2 metres apart, or obsessive hand washing. 

If possible, we would really encourage you to postpone your weddings if they are to take place over the next few months. As parents who rely solely on the income from our photography to provide for us and our 5 children, we wouldn’t be saying this lightly. 

For those that don’t wish to postpone, we will do all we can to provide you the high level of service you deserve.

Cornwall isn’t a safe haven for Covid-19, and within the past few hours, Doctors from our A&E, MP’s and Cornwall Council have asked visitors to stay away from Cornwall, just for the time being. 

Don’t cancel, just postpone. We are so happy to work with you on this.

Keep safe.

Christian & Sam