How I Photograph Weddings

Most of my couples say they hate having their photo taken (i do too!), however, if i’ve done my job properly, then i’ll have blended in with your guests and feel like an old friend to you that you can have a joke and a giggle with, so even when it is just the two of you (and me), i’ll be there documenting those moments that naturally happen between you, that “just married” feeling.

After your wedding day, I spend lots of hours in post production editing each image individually.  Each image is edited using professional editing software on top of the range iMac computers.  I edit each image in colour and then once again in black and white, we love the difference this can bring to the same image, and why shouldn’t you have all the options?

I’m a big people person, I think that’s why I fell in love with wedding photography. I love the range of emotions that come to light on a wedding day, and having the opportunity to capture those emotions forever is a huge honour.

My photography is totally natural, un-posed and unscripted, with the aim of producing a collection of authentic images that beautifully represent your wedding day, nothing awkward or contrived.   Your photographs are the only thing which become more important and hold more significance over the years, as your memories become more precious. My approach ensures a fluidity to the day and a genuine narrative to your wedding photographs.

Wedding photography should be about photographing people over poses. Every time.

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